Sunday, 8 January 2012

Chor Bizarre - Review

Feels good to start typing out this new post on my laptop - it is a baby step towards sticking to my new year resolution of trying to keep this blog alive in 2012. This resolution is one that I don't find too daunting. You will agree that it is quite difficult to do worse than I have so far - less than 10 posts in 2 years!

Without much ado, let me get to the meat of this post which is a review of Chor Bizarre, which has earned its place as one of my favourite Indian restaurants in London. The place is centrally located in the heart of London, just a short walk from Green Park station. The food is authentic, unpretentious and simply delicious. This was my second visit to Chor Bizarre. Everything we ordered was as delicious as I remembered our last meal at the restaurant to be. We started out with lamb shikampuri kebabs which were meltingly soft. The star among the starters though was a grilled mushroom dish, meant for the vegetarians but because I can't keep my hands off food of any sort, I had to sample the mushroom. As I remarked to one of my friends, I have never eaten a more delicious mushroom. As main course, we ordered a range of breads, a paneer dish (which I can't comment on despite my affliction as I didn't get around to tasting it given the amount of food we had on the table!) a couple of dals (the ever popular maa ki daal and chana dal), the shehnai gosht and the methi murg. 

As part of the non-vegetarian contingent of the party, I can say that the chicken and lamb were delicious. The lamb was exactly what the menu promised it would be: "tender lamb shank, on the bone, pot roasted with cardamom and mace - finished in a fragrant herb flavoured sauce". The curry was very fragrant but not overpoweringly so. In all, a very elegant dish. The methi murg, whilst equally tasty, was a bit of a disappointment because we couldn't really taste the methi (fenugreek in English). In fact, it was quite close to a good quality butter chicken, which is fine, but that was not quite what we ordered. It was a button popper of a meal and we just didn't have space for dessert.

If you happen to be in London and are a fan of Indian food or simply want to experiment, I would not hesitate to recommend Chor Bizarre. You will not regret it, except perhaps on the weighing scale.  

Photo credit: Atreya Bhattacharya
PS: No photos of the food because I was too excited when I saw the food and forgot about taking photos! These photos that appear here were taken after the meal by a very talented friend and do justice to Chor Bizarre's beautiful decor.

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